Andrea Valle ULTRAXY

Andrea Valle: algorithmic composition, physical computing systems construction, computer programming and live performing, feedback pedal system, basses, voices, objects and DIY instruments, recording (1-4 and 14-27).Mike Sapwe: poetry jamming in Poème de l’argentAnnalisa Pascai Saiu: voice samplings in Viatge and Cortège d’Alsaxy
Federico Marchesano: double bass samplings in Cortège d’Alsaxy
Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca: trumpet samplings in Cortège d’Alsaxy

Carlo Barbagallo: recording (5-13), mix and mastering.

1.Arkignol 03:34
2.Megafish 02:59
3.Kiosk 02:51
4.Esercizi sulle date 03:36
5.Ultraorbism 04:28
6.Andromeda 03:02
7.Borratxo 05:21
8.Endimio 03:59
9.Guerra 03:23
10.Nuvol fosc 03:26
11.Selenites 02:26
12.Viatge 04:22
13.Cetaci 02:58
14.Membranacee 02:45
15.Kiosk, funk reprise 02:43
16.Poème de l'Argent 01:32
17.Battaglie, I 01:39
18.Battaglie, II 01:38
19.Battaglie, III 01:39
20.Battaglie, IV 01:36
21.Eléonore 02:52
22.Brigitte 02:50
23.Catherine 02:43
24.Karine 02:40
25.Parc des sports 02:25
26.Jacqueline 02:38
27.So wrong Erik 02:51

released March 9, 2017
I and II: live recording (with no overdubs)
III: algorithmic composition
Thanks due to:
Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca; Annalisa Pascai Saiu; Carlo Barbagallo; Cisco Steardo, Liuteria Alvermann, for the “cetro”; Francesco Richiardi, Elettronica RR, for undefatigable technical support, Isabella Indiesigh, portrait picture on the CD.
Composed and recorded at OfficinaDiBuffalmacco
Cover: “Parva larva” series, 1 of 200, algorithmic pen tracing on paper by a computer-controlled toy caterpillar, Andrea Valle with Francesco Busso and Alessandro Viale